Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Hello my friends,
It's been a rough couple of weeks. The chemo chemicals that we have been using have become ineffective against the cancer. I had a cat scan last Friday to see where we are.  There have been no changes in the intestinal cancer or the liver.  Alas, it appears the cancer has spread to my lungs with five or six small spots starting to grow in size. Two were there as small specks in the November scan but had remained dorment until recently.  We've changed chemicals and will give the new plan ago for the next six weeks. I had my first treatment on Tuesday of this week. If nothing else the side effects are far less severe. 
   Clearly, I'm not as positive as I have been in the past. I think the Oncologist is struggling a little with why it did not go according to plan. But I'm still alive and intend to give it a good fight.  Am still avoiding crowds and continue to have very low white cell counts. If it ever improves to a safe level I will show up at dance one of these evenings. My energy level has improved since stopping the original chemo chemicals.  All for now

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday 6/16/11

Hello my friends,
The chemo from two weeks ago went very smoothly. I had pretrty much super hydrated my body and that seemed to substantialy lessen the chemo side effects. I've had a good two weeks and got back alot of energy that has been missing.  Alas, I seem to have fallen into a black hole. I was suppose to have chemo this past Tuesday. They did lab work proir to the chemo. My white cell count is now in the critically low range and the chemo was cancelled.  Unforunately my tumor marker numbers have also risen rather substantially. I'm rescheduled for chemo next Monday. I'm doubtful that the white count will be much improved by then. Which means the tumor marker will rise some more.  Sort of between a rock and a hard spot. 
  Some more good news-I've gained back some weight. I hit a low a few weeks back of 210 #'s. That's down from from my weight in October of 265#'s. I'm now back up to 223#'s. Because of the critically low white count I need to contiue my isolation, and wash everthing constantly.  I miss seeing and being with you all, however, they do not want me picking up any kind of bug. I've been very lucky so far.
   Hope you are all well-maybe we'll have some summer weather soon.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, 5/30/11

Hi all,
Sorry to take so long, but it's been an interesting few weeks. I had chemo last week(12 days ago). Had some new chemicals which really knocked me down. ended up up becoming very dehydrated and ended up at the clinic twice to receive IV'S of saline solution to rehydrate my cells. Also major problem with the blood thinner. had to quit taking for several days.  Anyway apetite returned about last Thursday and I've been eating alot. My weight is down to 210 lbs. My next chemo is this coming Tuesday.  It will also probably knock me down. I'm drinking a lot of water to try and build up my cell structure before the chemo. There is some good news. The chemo two weeks ago did a number on the cancer and cut my tumor marker numbers in half.  If we can do that again this next week I will be at a new all time low since I started the chemo process. Looks like I'm going to have these past few days as my good week. Still short of breath and low blood pressure. Still have tingling fingers, but the nausea is pretty much gone for the moment, hince the eating binge.  Big thanks to those making and delivering food this past week.  It has been very timely and delicious. Will add some new pictures next update-The new slim me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday may 5, 2011

Hi all,
A little slow in getting recovered this week. Last week was chemo week and back onto the nasty chemo. Actually, it was slightly worse than I expected having been off of it for six weeks. at the end of the session last week I became very sick and disoriented. Forunately some one was available to come and get me. All parties involved (including me) realized there was no way I could stay home alone and take care of myself. The disorientation made it very difficult to walk with out assistance. Anyway, the recovery has been slow and I am just yesterday recovered enough to really feel like getting out of my apartment. I donate fluids tomorrow at the lab, to see if the blood can stand another round of the nasty chemo. I hope so because it feels like the resurgent cancer systems of last week have again gone into retreat.   I can live with the chemo side effects for another four weeks and will do so if the drug is really hammering the cancer. My tumor level had fallen to 200(low point March 7. since then it has risen to over 600. Would really like to get down under 200 in the next few weeks. Sooo1, ervryone start thinking low numbers John!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday April 17, 2011

Hi all,
 Another chemo week behind me. Again without the nasty chemical.  Well, good news and bad news. The good news is the side effects are pretty minimal-yea. The bad news is that my tumour marker has risen from 200 where is was March 7, to 600 two weeks ago and climbing. Hopefully my blood factors have had a chance to recover somewhat. I will go back to the old program that has the nasty chemical, until the white cells are again in the basement. My oncologist is now saying he thinks he can kill off the Intestinal tumour with the chemicals, and we can avoid surgery.  So am going to enjoy the good week this week knowing I'm going to get sideswiped next week.  Nice day today-Actually feels like spring. Spent some time this afternoon with my grandson and his mom. He's six and in Kindergarden. Alas, I've had to avoid  him most of the winter in that he has had lots of illness which his mom also gets. All for now

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wed Mar30

Hi all,
Ok, had the cat scan last Wednesday. Got the results yesterday plus another, albeit smaller, dose of chemicals. The scan was a high contrast scan of the abdomen. It was made in the same manner as the baseline scan we made in November so we could get to this day and be able to measure  our progress. Three things were on the mission plate
1. stop the spread of the cancer cells- Happy to report that no new cancer tumours showed up yesterday-yea

2. reverse the process and start killing off the existing cancer cells-excellent success with the tumours on the liver-They appear to have shrunk to less than half their November size. yea in November probably 40% of the liver was covered with tumours. very good progress

3. Toumor in the small intestine. No progress there and will probably require surgery down the road to remove-this is the mother toumor which is the original starting point.
 Oncologist is dropping the really nasty chemo cocktail. it's the one that is $16,000 each chemo session or $32,000 per month. (ya'll might want to check your medical insurance details before you get to where I am).

My stamina level is getting better each week. Hope to be back dancing in a few weeks if all contiues to go well. Have also noticed that I not longer have those nasty nose bleeds today. hmmmm
Anyway all seems to be going to plan

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Mar 17

Hi all, Last week was suppose to be a chemo week, but Drs. decided the blood factors were too low so we skipped that week. It was great for me to have two weeks back to back. Sort of dreaded this week however.  Anyway this was the chemo week.  Had it on Tuesday instead of Monday. So it's Thursday evening, and I'm just starting to be able to and drink and not throw up. The vomiting actually started in the car on the way home from Chemo Tuesday evening.  Have spent the last two days in bed sipping water and hoping itstayed down. It did not until Wednesday afternoon. Went in to the clinic today to get the pump pack removed. Got an Intrvenous pack of anti nausia goop since all the pills for the same were coming back up. Anyway seem to be on the road to stability at the moment.   I am scheduled for a CATT scan next Wednesday. This is the "see where we are check", which was scheduled for early May. Not sure why it has been moved up.  THe tumour marker this week is 270, so looks like we're still heading in the right direction.  Sorry to miss all the St