Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wed Jan 26, 2011

Hi all,
Another session of chemo behind me. The white cell count was slightly improved but not signicificately in my view. But the Dr was happy, so we forged ahead. The good news was the Tumour marker in the blood continues to fall.  For this I'm very happy. A very good chance that we have indeed stopped the spread and are now focusing on getting rid of the entrenched.  The two weeks off was great. But think I am paying for it now. The side effects continue to be different each time. Nausea much more severe this time around. I lost Tuesday to sleep. I'm amazed how much I sleep after the chemo sessions.  Susan, hope you have a great time in Norway. Please give my regards to Karin and Oolaf, and the rest of the gang.  It will soon be time for another luncheon at the Swedish Postal museum Eh!  Big thanks to Shirley and Lynn for keeping the dancing going at Greig lodge.  Looking forward to spring.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Jan 17, 2011

Good evening all,
    Another interesting day. It was suppose to be the start of chemo number six. However, we did the usual lab work prior to seeing the Oncologist. His reveiw of the lab work indicated a need to stop for a week and take a break. The blood cells were pretty low, near the saftey margin, so we will skip a week this week's chemo and restart next Monday. Ended up going to the hospital for a lung/heart cat scan. There was some indication of a blood clot at the end of the PICC line where it terminates inside the heart. Not a good thing.  Fortunately, the clot is very small, but there.
   On to the good news.  The tumour marker in the blood has been declining for five weeks which is really really good.  also the Dr.s physical exam indicates the same change. He said that on my first visit he could feel the tumours on the liver. He says they have receded and can no longer be felt.  And!! because the nausea side effect was far less last week, I stuffed my face with as much food as possible-results is I've gained back 5 pounds. Looks like my hair is thinning. 
Possibly in a few months I'll be a Yul Brenner look alike-just more handsome??

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Jan 9 2010

Well, as you can see the Chemo side effects are finally being reflected in physical appearence. I kind of thought this wopuld eventually happen-one can only wipe ones nose for so long before it begins to move. Other wise I'm feeling pretty good

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Jan 4,2011

Hi all,
sorry to have been so lax in my blog updates. Yes I'm still alive. Yesterday was the first day of the fourth Chemo session.  Blood clots are still a problem. Took nearly an hour to get the pick line cleared enough so that the chemicals could be delivered. I think the chemicals are a little more powerful in that the side affects were far more intense this time around. Had a very sleepless night last night because of them. A difficult day today. The good news is I think we have hit on away to stop the nose bleeds.  Today is the first day with out one.  Tomorrow I will be rid of the portable chemo pack, so hopefully the side effects will decrease over the next two or three days. Last week was a quiet week. I tried eating everything in sight to get my weight back. Alas not to successful. Looked at some lab details testing the liver function for the last eight weeks. So far we are getting some pretty darn good improvement in the liver function. Still have a ways to go.  now estimating that we will do another "PET" scan to make sure there is no new tumors showing up else where, and , to see if we have been successful in reducing the size of the existing tumors. so enough about me.
  Hope you all had a great new years eve. I personally am happy to have 2010 behind me.