Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday evening Feb 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day to you all. Sorry about not being very current with the blog updates. It's been a pretty crummie week health wise. Last Monday was the start of Chemo week. New drugs, really bad side effects. Have been sick all week, with little or no energy.  Have lost another five pounds do to not eating. Read somewhere that 25% of cancer deaths are due to malnoutrision.  I can beleive it. Even with the anti nausea drugs , nothing but water stays down. and I'm not sure of that. It was Wed nite befor I could get some juice to stay down. I'm still not back to normal, so hope this week improves. Go in in the morning for a "finger poke" as they call it. They are doing a marvelous job of keeping me alive, and are monitoring my blood very carefully. White cell count is still in the basement, so may get to skip a week, but Dr is aggressive in his attack on the tumours. Otherwise, for the many of you who I don't see, I still have most of my hair, and am becoming slim and sevelt. My opinion, not necessarily shared by all.  If you have pictures to share send them to my email yahoo acount.  Seems this blog has sent my email address to all the spammers in the world. If I don't regognize your email address or name there is the possibility I will delete your email without reading. So if you sent me soemthing and I don't respond, try again with a form of recognition. I'm not getting out much, waiting for the weather to warm. The cold air intensifies some of the side effects, so pics are appreciated. Received a great short video of the dance weekend a few weeks ago at trollhaugen, and their greetings to me. That was a morale lifter. I think there is a how we doing session coming after a few more sessions. The cat scan a few weeks ago was to quick and with out contrast so not helpful re the chemo's effect. It was mostly a chek on the status of the blood clots in my arm vein and heart.