Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday March 4 2011

Hi all,
Finally going to update the blog. The last chemo session two weeks ago really layed me low. In addition, I picked  up some cold type bug that really added to my misery.  It appears my low white count is border line as to weather or not to drop a chemo session so my bone marrow can play catch up.  Skipping a week sure gets my vote. Will know thjis Monday if we proceed or not.  I could use the break emotionally.  A quick look to give you an idea where I'm at.
  Normal level of tumour markers in a well adult is 5 or less. The Oncologist did a baseline check of the marker on me at the end of October . My marker measured 1475 and rising. I'm still stupified that my Primary care physician of seven years never bothered to check.  Anyway the good news is my marker measured 375 last week. It's been a pretty straight line downward since I've been getting the chemo and I'm still alive.  Still aways to go and the last 370 will probably be the hardest to get down. 
   Big thanks from the old timers from the Norwegian winter dance camp. Your email of greetings was greatly appreciated. Hope you're all home safely by now. Thanks to Susan Brodie of New York for organizing that effort. I really appreciate all the positive energy and prayers being sent my way. 
   Physically, I still have most of my hair and have been able to stablize my weight.  Still very low energy level and very effected by cold air(nose bleed city with that). 
Hats-- so far I'm through my baseball cap, a french beret, and looks like an irish cap my be coming my way. 


  1. Hey John -
    Glad you felt well enough to post something. Wow-those marker numbers are dropping like a rock - good to hear! Walt and I send heartfelt thoughts of healing energy your way.
    Gretha & Walt

  2. HI John

    Hope your cold/infection has abated and you're feeling better. You were missed in Norway -- but you already knew that :-) Spring is coming and that should help.

    Keep up the good healing and update soon!

    Klem fra