Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Hello my friends,
It's been a rough couple of weeks. The chemo chemicals that we have been using have become ineffective against the cancer. I had a cat scan last Friday to see where we are.  There have been no changes in the intestinal cancer or the liver.  Alas, it appears the cancer has spread to my lungs with five or six small spots starting to grow in size. Two were there as small specks in the November scan but had remained dorment until recently.  We've changed chemicals and will give the new plan ago for the next six weeks. I had my first treatment on Tuesday of this week. If nothing else the side effects are far less severe. 
   Clearly, I'm not as positive as I have been in the past. I think the Oncologist is struggling a little with why it did not go according to plan. But I'm still alive and intend to give it a good fight.  Am still avoiding crowds and continue to have very low white cell counts. If it ever improves to a safe level I will show up at dance one of these evenings. My energy level has improved since stopping the original chemo chemicals.  All for now


  1. Hope the new protocol is going well -- hang in there, Big John!


  2. Hi, John! Hope things are improving...
    Here's an article posted today:
    ... and this author's blog/website about what she has learned to be helpful since 1998, when she was first diagnosed with a brain tumor...
    Thinking of you... take good care! bette'

  3. There's not much I can add to this, except to say thanks and appreciation to a man who shared the joy of dance with a lot of people. You will be missed, John.
    Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 7:02 PM
    Subject: Re: say goodbye to John

    John has moved to Ray Hickey Hospice House, 2112 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver 360-514-4350. There is 24/7 visitor access. Thanks for the notes and visits.

    On Oct 7, 2011, at 4:23 PM, Rebecca Nielsen wrote:

    > John's time is growing close. If you wish to say goodbye he is at Vancouver SW Medical Center in Room 442. His condition is grave and he can not take phone calls. Dance was a big part of his life and short visits would be appreciated.

  4. From: Rebecca Nielsen:
    Dear Friends-
    John Campbell passed away this morning easily in his sleep with his family around him. He died of complications from colon cancer. Thanks for all of the visits last week and a special thanks to Kim and her fiddle. John's son is still working on the details for a small graveside ceremony probably this weekend, however we plan to have a ceili as soon as we can pull it together to celebrate John's life with music and dance for all of his friends.

    P.S. if anyone knows a bagpiper please contact me with a phone number

  5. The graveside ceremony will be Monday Oct 17 at 10 am at:

    Park Hill Cemetery (360-693-1562)
    5915 E Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver

    For other information,contact Shirley Bayer at 360-449-3030.

    All are welcome. Please share this with John's friends.

    As mentioned before there will be a celebration-of-life ceili at a later date TBA.