Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Mar 17

Hi all, Last week was suppose to be a chemo week, but Drs. decided the blood factors were too low so we skipped that week. It was great for me to have two weeks back to back. Sort of dreaded this week however.  Anyway this was the chemo week.  Had it on Tuesday instead of Monday. So it's Thursday evening, and I'm just starting to be able to and drink and not throw up. The vomiting actually started in the car on the way home from Chemo Tuesday evening.  Have spent the last two days in bed sipping water and hoping itstayed down. It did not until Wednesday afternoon. Went in to the clinic today to get the pump pack removed. Got an Intrvenous pack of anti nausia goop since all the pills for the same were coming back up. Anyway seem to be on the road to stability at the moment.   I am scheduled for a CATT scan next Wednesday. This is the "see where we are check", which was scheduled for early May. Not sure why it has been moved up.  THe tumour marker this week is 270, so looks like we're still heading in the right direction.  Sorry to miss all the St

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  1. I hope the anti-nausea stuff is working now. I feel for you feeling puny so much of the time.
    Green beer is overrated anyway.