Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wed Mar30

Hi all,
Ok, had the cat scan last Wednesday. Got the results yesterday plus another, albeit smaller, dose of chemicals. The scan was a high contrast scan of the abdomen. It was made in the same manner as the baseline scan we made in November so we could get to this day and be able to measure  our progress. Three things were on the mission plate
1. stop the spread of the cancer cells- Happy to report that no new cancer tumours showed up yesterday-yea

2. reverse the process and start killing off the existing cancer cells-excellent success with the tumours on the liver-They appear to have shrunk to less than half their November size. yea in November probably 40% of the liver was covered with tumours. very good progress

3. Toumor in the small intestine. No progress there and will probably require surgery down the road to remove-this is the mother toumor which is the original starting point.
 Oncologist is dropping the really nasty chemo cocktail. it's the one that is $16,000 each chemo session or $32,000 per month. (ya'll might want to check your medical insurance details before you get to where I am).

My stamina level is getting better each week. Hope to be back dancing in a few weeks if all contiues to go well. Have also noticed that I not longer have those nasty nose bleeds today. hmmmm
Anyway all seems to be going to plan


  1. We're lovin' those good reports, John!
    G & W

  2. Time for an update, John! Hope spring is putting some spring in your step...

    (funnily enough, the captcha looks like a Norwegian word)