Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, 5/30/11

Hi all,
Sorry to take so long, but it's been an interesting few weeks. I had chemo last week(12 days ago). Had some new chemicals which really knocked me down. ended up up becoming very dehydrated and ended up at the clinic twice to receive IV'S of saline solution to rehydrate my cells. Also major problem with the blood thinner. had to quit taking for several days.  Anyway apetite returned about last Thursday and I've been eating alot. My weight is down to 210 lbs. My next chemo is this coming Tuesday.  It will also probably knock me down. I'm drinking a lot of water to try and build up my cell structure before the chemo. There is some good news. The chemo two weeks ago did a number on the cancer and cut my tumor marker numbers in half.  If we can do that again this next week I will be at a new all time low since I started the chemo process. Looks like I'm going to have these past few days as my good week. Still short of breath and low blood pressure. Still have tingling fingers, but the nausea is pretty much gone for the moment, hince the eating binge.  Big thanks to those making and delivering food this past week.  It has been very timely and delicious. Will add some new pictures next update-The new slim me.

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