Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday may 5, 2011

Hi all,
A little slow in getting recovered this week. Last week was chemo week and back onto the nasty chemo. Actually, it was slightly worse than I expected having been off of it for six weeks. at the end of the session last week I became very sick and disoriented. Forunately some one was available to come and get me. All parties involved (including me) realized there was no way I could stay home alone and take care of myself. The disorientation made it very difficult to walk with out assistance. Anyway, the recovery has been slow and I am just yesterday recovered enough to really feel like getting out of my apartment. I donate fluids tomorrow at the lab, to see if the blood can stand another round of the nasty chemo. I hope so because it feels like the resurgent cancer systems of last week have again gone into retreat.   I can live with the chemo side effects for another four weeks and will do so if the drug is really hammering the cancer. My tumor level had fallen to 200(low point March 7. since then it has risen to over 600. Would really like to get down under 200 in the next few weeks. Sooo1, ervryone start thinking low numbers John!!

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